CY-Kick CS Liquid Insecticide

Microencapsulated Insecticide Targeting a Wide Spectrum of Pests


Liquid Insecticide

1. Fast-acting and long-lasting liquid insecticide for a broad
spectrum of insect pests.

2. Microencapsulation technology for indoor and outdoor use.

3. Virtually odorless and will not stain nor leave residue after

CY-Kick CS

CY-Kick Insecticide is a reliable insecticide when targeting all common household pests such as ants, beetles, roaches, bed bugs, spiders and more. Due to its wide range of targeted pests, there is no need to apply other types of insecticides other than CY-Kick.

Why You Should Invest in CY-Kick CS

  • Low toxicity & environment friendly
  • Tested and approved
  • Microcapsule barrier against insect pests
  • Eliminates a wide spectrum of insect pests
  • Easy to use and quick long lasting control once applied

CY-Kick CS Insecticide

Even on its last days of its promised 90 day residual cycle, CY-Kick will still be as effective as the initial application. The simplicity of the application process is what attracts many professionals across the nation. All the process requires is a pump sprayer, water and bottle of CY-Kick CS, that’s it! A gallon of water is to be mixed with the CY-Kick insecticide to dilute its potency for the right amount of insecticide to control your bug problem. Once mixed thoroughly, the solution can then be sprayed across the premise of the infestation. CY-Kick will then create a microcapsule barrier which will not permit the pests to cross without being exposed to the lethal barrier. Shortly after the exposure of the barrier, cyfluthrin, the deadly active ingredient within the microcapsule, will be released eliminating your pest problem.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of CY-Kick CS is its active ingredient, cyfluthrin. Cyfluthrin is categorized as a pyrethrin, which is one of the most popular and extensively used ingredients in the pest control industry due to its safe level of toxicity. Therefore, being a better representative for a pet-safe, environmental friendly and skin irritant-free insecticide. The advantages of CY-Kick don’t stop there! CY-Kick Insecticide is also virtually odorless and stain-free, meaning that it will not irritate the senses or leave any noticeable marks when the application is dry. There is not a product on the market today that can keep up with CY-Kick’s reach.